Sunday, August 23, 2015

Things we've made this week...

A couple of special Winter wedding cakes 
Our gluten free minicakes at Vulcan Lane Bagels
We also make pies! This is our take on an American style cherry pie with an oat streusel topping
Our new cake of the month! A spiced apple, walnut cake with caramel and home made apple chips. You can order it here. Also check out our new website while you're at it!
We did a cake decorating demonstration at Spark Lab, as part of a series of amazing events which are happening over the next month. Thanks to FreshAs fro supplying the freeze dried fruit products which give our cakes their signature look!
We made some beautiful cakes for Deadly Ponies' 10th birthday
Lewis Road Creamery filmed me making a dark chocolate, pear and hazelnut cake, which showcases their incredible butter, milk and cream. The video will be part of a cool project called 'Chef Series'
Babycakes with edible 24 carat gold leaf 
A sneak peek of a very special shoot we made cakes for, alongside floral creations by MARKANTONIA. The photos can be found in the first issue of a beautifully curated wedding magazine called Together Journal, which will be out in September 
Our gluten free plum, lime and coconut cakes at the one and only Dizengoff
pretty citrus themed cakes for the Aromatherapy Company

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