Saturday, May 2, 2015

Things I've made this week...

3 meters of bench space is life changing!
These mixed cake boxes have been selling so well! I'm thinking of offering them 2 or 3 days a week from now on, for those less organised than the rest.
Me polishing up my new oven
We made 600 Anzac biscuits which were handed out at The Department Store and Top Shop. Our version looked a little rustic, but were made with Lewis Road Creamery butter and Billington's unrefined muscovado sugar to make them taste extra special.
Cakes from the final cook book shoot!
We have lots of Mother's Day treats on offer here at The Caker. We can make up all sorts of gift packages with our cake mixes, @ceresorganics coconut oil and coconut milk, tea towels, books, spatulas, and of course the lovely Mother's Bouquet tea from's a blend of chamomile, rose, cornflower and orange rind. Packages will range from $30 - $100. Treat your mumma! Email to enquire
Little baby cakes for Kate Sylvester.
Last wedding cake of the season, phew!

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