Thursday, May 14, 2015


I'm excited to be part of a cool initiative to help raise money for The Cancer Society…it's called Junk Free June and I'm opting to cut out potato chips (my biggest weakness) for the month of June. I am one of several amazing ambassadors who you can support by visiting 
Any donations will be much appreciated! You can donate directly to me here.
Junk Free June is a not-for-profit organisation founded by the Cancer Society of New Zealand (CSNZ). After months of planning, collaboration with key partners and creative development, Junk Free June was born. Our team is made up of both Cancer Society staff and digital, design, creative, marketing and PR professionals. Junk Free June is essentially an independent charity that is owned by the Cancer Society of NZ.

There’s a lot of charity events that fill our calendar each year so the challenge for us was “how do we make Junk Free June stand-out from the crowd?” We realised that charitable donators are very rarely given tangible rewards for their contributions so we thought “why don’t we try use a prize model to help us stand out?”. We challenge participants to fundraise whilst eating healthy and we reward them for it!

What we eat and drink may cause around 30 percent of cancers in industrialised countries - making diet second only to tobacco as, in theory, a preventable cause of cancer. No particular foods or eating patterns are guaranteed to prevent cancer; however, some foods and eating patterns can reduce your risk. For healthy adults we recommend that you eat a diet that is mostly from vegetables and fruits, be physically active, and maintain a healthy body weight.

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