Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Things I've made this week...

Mini arrow cakes for Karen Walker eyewear!
Home pickings 
Chambord cakes
My gluten free flourless dark chocolate cake got voted best in Auckland by Metro, yay!!
Okay, so there's 2 new special goodies available to order for Xmas...a ridiculously delicious maple sweetened spiced apple, fresh rosemary, cranberry and almond crumble (will feed 10ish)...and a spiced almond cake with orange purée, apricots, currants and coconut, topped with cinnamon spiked cream cheese icing and decorated with blood orange chips (will feed 12). Both items are $60 (cake can come in a bigger size for $90), and will be available to order at www.thecaker.co.nz.
Thanksgiving pies!
Babies for Kate Sylvester
Sucks when you get married and you don't even get to try your wedding cake. Hence, it's a good idea to order a mini version of your wedding cake a couple of weeks later.

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  1. Hey Jordan. Beautiful cakes as always. I saw that one through your window yesterday on display. Looks amazing. I was on k rd for that madi gras thing and I saw you walk passed, walking towards your store but I was too shy to say hello, you looked to be in a rush as well. But if I see you again I should say hi and I hope to buy a cake from you soon. What is the best vegan gluten free cake you do? I'd love to buy it for a friend's birthday or a vegetarian/vegan meet up I go to. Thanks. x