Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Caker in New York!

My travel reading…Cherry Bombe magazine, it's the best.
I missed baking so much, I made a chocolate coconut raspberry cake for no particular reason.
My afternoon tea at Cafe Gitane.
Salted licorice and incredible chocolates (burnt caramel and gingerbread) from Dean and Deluca.
My favourite Polish donut shop called Peter Pan in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 
Bluebarb pie from Pies 'n' Thighs.
Mini mini cheesecakes at Smorgasburg.
Dessert pizza!
I have been assisting at Ovenly again this year, the loveliest bakery in Brooklyn. Here we make the most gloriously buttery scones (my favourite is strawberry and thyme), vegan chocolate chip cookies, salted peanut butter cookies, granola bars, and so much more. It's been great working in such a large scale commercial kitchen, where the order volumes are so high that there are bakers working (literally) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I walk home after work smelling like cinnamon and sugar.
My favourite dessert yet, which happens to be the simplest - a brioche and almond ice cream sandwich from Robertas. Utter perfection.


  1. Hi Jord,
    Do you think you could give some insight into how you are able to intern at such great places ? Contacts, cold-calling, emailing ? It would be great to hear how you approached them xxxx

  2. Hi Carla. I think the easiest way to get anywhere in life is to have contacts! But in the case of Ovenly, I just emailed them last year and did a week's work there, and this year they were more than happy to have me back. Good luck!