Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Caker in Barcelona

A custard, strawberry and burnt sugar tart for my dessert from an incredible tapas restaurant called Cerveceria Ciudad Condal.
Eyescream! It's shaved mango gelato with raspberry sauce and crushed ginger biscuits. So cute.

I was completely obsessed with La Boqueria Markets.
I was told by some locals that this market is a tourist hub, but I wanted to check it out anyway. I'm so glad I did. Even though it is very busy, the produce is so exciting to see. From fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, smoothies, juices, ice blocks and ice creams, to gourmet chocolates, licorice, marzipan and fruit jellies, to preserved meat, nuts, cheese, bread and olive oils.
This sweet little bakery called Caelum comes with a twist. All of the alluring cakes, tarts and sweets in the window are hand made by nuns from monasteries around Spain. I wanted to taste everything so ordered a selection of delights: cherry flan, marzipan, an apple dumpling, cinnamon biscuits, rose and jasmine jellies, dark chocolate dipped figs, and an assortment of bite-sized treats which I didn't recognise, but had beautiful names such as miel de milflores, San Expidito bones, sighs of a nun and yolks of San Leandro. They also sell special liquors and elixirs, which you can have by the glass. 
I ordered not one but two desserts from this amazing restaurant we went to called Chez Coco. The first is an apple tart with the most superb quality vanilla bean ice cream, also featuring two kinds of crumbles for some added crunch. The second is a summer fruits salad with cherry sorbet.
Our Spanish friends!
We finished our week with an evening jog down to the beach to semi-compensate for all our gluttony, which ultimately ended with a swim in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. 
I'm not ready to leave. But now it's off to New York, my favourite city in the whole world. 

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