Sunday, August 3, 2014

More of London, and a little of Paris...

The best ever cinnamon bun from the gorgeous Violet Cakes.
More treats from Ottolenghi - a ridiculously moist orange almond cake with ganache (which I had to try to compare to my own version - this one was better), and a creamy cherry cheesecake.
Lovely lunch from Broadway Market.
Me selling Meringue Girls meringues at Broadway Market.
Tarts in bed.
Delicious peaches with amoretti cream at Pizza East. This went perfectly with a cold glass of prosecco.
Cocktails at Ace Hotel, Shoreditch.
Selfies in the bakery with red currants.
My first ever Eccles cake from St Johns Bread and Wine. Sweet, buttery pastry filled with spiced currants. Incredible.
Turkish sweets at Borough Market.
Ace Hotel donuts and breakfast drinks!
Literally THE best donut that has ever graced my lips. It was so brimming with vanilla bean custard that I went into a state of delusion while I was eating it. I completely zoned out! This was from Bread Ahead at Borough Markets.
Pub Grub.
Parisian feasting. We were only in Paris for 2 days to see my grandparents and uncle (featured), but during this time we ate like royalty. Breakfast is always my favorite, and nowhere in the world makes pastries quite like the French. Lunch always consists of 5 courses, which is promptly followed by a food coma.
And lastly, I had to share this photo of the two gorgeous cats that decided to have a romantic dinner date at the table next to us at a cute Tapas restaurant in London. As the ginger cat started to fall asleep, the fluffy white cat gave him a smack across the face and sauntered out when he failed to fully wake up.

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