Monday, June 2, 2014

This week in cakes...

Last week I hosted my first event at my new space. It was a baby shower for 15 lovely ladies and it went superbly!

I made 3 sweet options and 3 savoury options:

- gluten free flourless dark chocolate and plum cake
- apricot, pinenut, lemon and rosemary shortbread
- brown butter, chamomile and honey muffins

- mini sourdough tartines with different toppings such as fig walnut and blue cheese, smoked salmon capers and creme fraiche, avocado and pink grapefruit
- mini savoury muffins filled with goodies
A lovely gluten free vegan triple coconut and raspberry cake made with muscovado sugar for Mondays  (Eleanor from Petite Kitchen's beautiful new wholefoods cafe in Kingsland). Apparently it was all gone by 10am!
I went to my beautiful friends Lily and Scrap's wedding in Sydney, and of course was enamoured by the cake. It was from Blackstar Pastry and was made up of layers of fresh water melon, almond dacquoise, fresh whipped cream, watermelon, strawberries, pistachios and rose petals. It was light, mildly sweet and completely stunning to look at.

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