Wednesday, January 22, 2014

PIES and an updated menu!

Photos by Harriet Were
On my recent trip to the USA, I became obsessed with sweet pies. I did a pie making course in New York where I learnt how to make a variety of American classics as well as some more unusual ones. To escalate my new found adoration of pies, we went on a Southern road trip, where I came across peach cobbler in Georgia, and sour cherry pie in Tennessee.
I love cake of course, but for me, pies are the ultimate dessert - fruity, buttery, crunchy, flaky, gooey and sticky all at once. Served warm with cream, nothing will ever supersede it. 

Because I like to put a wholesome twist on my creations, I have come up with some pie recipes that won't make your teeth hurt or leave you feeling like too much of a glutton. 

So now I'm making pies to order!! At this stage there's a scrumptious spiced and salted pumpkin pie with a wholesome almond spelt maple crust, and a deliciously sticky and sweet cherry pie with a buttery flakey orange spiked pastry. They are $60 each and will feed 8-12 people. Flavours will change every now and again.

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