Thursday, August 29, 2013

Things I've made this week...

The few days before leaving for NY I had to make a few dozen flourless dark chocolate cakes decorated with Karen Walker's signature Runaway girl, to be sent out to all her jewellery stockists Auckland wide. 
I got sent this glorious butter to try. The smoked one is insane!
A little box of joy for a photo shoot
First wedding cake of the season
On Saturday I did the sweet section of the high tea at Hotel DeBrett. It was a collaboration we had planned for Auckland restaurant month, and it was so much fun! I had to make 3 items each for 60 people, so the pressure was on a little bit; the event sold out really quickly. I decided to keep things simple and classic, so ended up making mini salted dark chocolate ganache tarts with spelt flour crust, sesame brittle and honey powder; raspberry and coconut macaroons and a little lemon and almond cake canape with rose water creme fraiche icing, lime curd, rose and lavender petals. I sat down in the dining room after plating everything up in the kitchen, and met some lovely people as well as signing a few books. Thanks so much to The Oyster Weekend for these great photos :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Things I've made this week...

My triple layer vanilla sponge with blueberries and cream featured in the latest issue of Urbis Magazine 
A lovely simple rhubarb, cinnamon and white chocolate cake
lemon, honey and almond cupcakes with lime curd, pistachios and rose petals
pear and black currant crumble adapted from Lily Vanilli's beautiful recipe 
I made a cake for the 20th anniversary party of Karen Walker's first store. This gigantic cake was a raspberry, coconut and white chocolate cake and was big enough to feed 200 people!
I did a baking demo at Farro for 30 people on Thursday night. Thanks Kenwood!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Caker is going to NYC (again)

Hello everyone,

I thought it might be time to let all my customers know that I am going away on an inspirational work experience trip for 6 weeks. I will unfortunately be unable to take any cake orders from August 23rd - October 9th. On the upside, I will certainly come back blossoming with new ideas and a renewed passion to make the best cakes that money can buy in Auckland.

My trip will begin in New York where I will be interning at a bakery in Brooklyn called Ovenly. They were named the best bakery by the 2013 Time Out New York Food and Drink awards, so I'm very excited to have the opportunity to do some work there, learn new things, and maybe even impart some of my own baking knowledge. I get the impression that they are a busy busy, real deal, bakery because they have a morning shift, mid shift and night shift (I opted for the mid-shift). While I'm there I hope to learn a bit about making donuts, pies and maybe even cronuts.

I will also be spending a week in Paris where I will visit my sister and grandparents who live there. Paris is one of my favourite places for eating and I do not plan to hold back one bit on my consumption of croissants, clafoutis and chocolate. My grandfather makes the most delicious jam know to man, so hopefully I can bring some of this back to use on my cakes.

After that, I will head back to America, where my boyfriend and I plan to do a road trip to the Southern States. We haven't mapped out our route exactly yet, but it will end in New Orleans and I know it will involve a lot of pie sampling and hopefully a pie making class along the way. 

I will keep you all updated with what I'm learning, seeing and eating, and I hope your orders will still flood through when I'm back.

x Jordan, The Caker.