Friday, October 18, 2013

Things I've made this week...

It was good to be back in the kitchen after 6 weeks of travel!
Gluten free rhubarb, lemon and coconut cakes for Dizengoff.
Baby ginger nut cookies for the relaunch of Chelsea's Golden Syrup media morning tea.
Raspberry and pear cake with ganache - free of refined white sugar or flour; just honey and ground almonds!
Chocolate tarts.
Shooting my strawberry, honey and vanilla cake for Taste Magazine. Eleanor Ozich of Petite Kitchen and I are alternating months to contribute our favourite gluten free recipes. Make sure you check it out!
Raspberry, almond and honey muffins with rose water glaze.
I took part in the sustainable city food showcase this year. It was such a great experience and my cakes sold out very quickly.
Plum, lemon and coconut cakes for the showcase.
My table looking beautiful with flowers hand picked by my lovely new assistant Ophelia!

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