Thursday, September 12, 2013

Things I've seen in NYC!

These are just some of the amazing things that American health food stores have to offer...dispensers with fresh nuts in them to make your own peanut or almond butter, fruit butters, date sugar and maple sugar. Yum!
Pre zested lemon zest which is then frozen (I so wish I could get this in NZ)
I did a wee internship at Ovenly; a wonderfully busy and succesful bakery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I learnt so much while I was there. This oven blew my mind - it rotates the cakes as it bakes them!
The ingredients for the crunchy cornflake topping to go on top of breakfast blueberry muffins.
Making spiced caramel corn.
Some snapshots of the Ovenly kitchen. That mixer can literally fit me in it! 
Last night's dessert at a Columbian place - fried plantains with organic cinnamon syrup, and tres leches cake.
I made hundreds of vegan dark chocolate and sea salt cookies while at Ovenly.
The other day it was 35 degrees so I figured ice cream was a must. I went to an amazing place called Odd Fellows which has a menu of insane flavours including celery sorbet, PB&J with toast, butter milk biscuit, Thai iced coffee, corn bread, beet pistachio honey goat cheese and extra virgin olive oil - just to name a few.
Karlie Kloss' Kookies at Milk Bar.
I was lucky enough to have a tour of the Momofuku Milk Bar kitchen. It was by far the biggest kitchen I have ever been in, with 6 walk-in fridges and about 30 staff. I even got a goodie bag with some delicious cookies and cake truffles. 
The beautiful fresh organic berries at Eataly - where I spent 2 entire hours today because I just couldn't bring myself to leave.

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