Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Things I've seen and done this week...

I did a pie making course at an amazing bakery in Brooklyn called Pie Corps. I learnt how to make several different mini pies including the best spiced pumpkin pie I've ever tried, Nantucket cranberry pie, pear and blackberry cobbler, sweet corn and bacon pie and caramelised leek pie. These new found skills will certainly be put to use when I get back home!
We went to an incredible critically acclaimed Thai restaurant called Pok Pok in Brooklyn. The dessert blew my mind - from left to right we ordered donuts with affogato, a coconut ice cream sandwich (which came in a brioche bun) and durian scented custard on salted coconut rice.
I flew to Paris on Sunday to see my sister, and for breakfast we went to my favourite cafe - Rose Bakery. 
Rose petal jam
I made a delicious peach and almond tart with my grandma today!

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