Sunday, July 29, 2012

Some snaps from The Caker short film release party

Mickey (star in the film), his girlfriend, my boyfriend Stefan and myself
Photo by Four Eyes
 My sister Anouk and her boyfriend Mike
Photo by Four Eyes
 Maya and Vanya djing next tot he bunny lamp
Photo by Four Eyes
 The cast! Lauren, me, Caylpso and Mickey
Photo by Four Eyes
 Photos by Anais Westwick

A massive thanks to:

Peroni, 900 Grapes and Perrier for the drinks
Showroom22 for helping me organise everything
Four Eyes for taking some great snaps
Calypso for letting us use her beautiful courtyard
Maya and Vanya for playing some awesome tunes
My sis and boyfriend for helping with the setup
And to everyone that came!

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