Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tokyo does everything better

We ate lunch at Muji, which is the most amazing stationary shop + everything else in the entire world shop. For a sweet snack I got a banana and chocolate and a chestnut cream pastry.
 At Muji, you can buy practically everything you ever wanted to cook, in a packet. There was a macaron packet, creme caramel packet, cookies, pancakes, pastry...the lost goes on.
 This store was amazing. It sells 56 varieties of chocolate, including black pepper and cheesecake.
 A weird pancake thing.
These cakes are just from your average supermarket.
 These cakes topped with fruit and cream looked incredible, the presentation is immaculate, but they were something like $200 each.
 A seriously yum cream / custard puff.
 Cake lollypops
 Beautiful hard candies.
This fruit cost 10343 yen, which is NZ $175. Crazy!


  1. How extreme are those cake pops! that's a WHOLE other level! Your trip seems amazing so far, love all the pics :)

  2. I'm guessing you didn't buy any fruit then haha. 10343 yen? That's crazy. It must be imported from a far away land. No wonder the average japanese diet doesn't consist of fruit. I did always notice that actually. Cheesecake chocolate sounds delish, and so does that berry berry cake lollipop. Did you buy any of 56 different varieties of chocolate? I love your rings by the way.