Friday, September 9, 2011

Things I've made this week...

It has been the busiest 2 weeks in all Caker history, which is great but has meant I've had hardly any time to update my blog. So, here are some of the stand out cakes I've made lately. All of them can be ordered if you like the look of them!
 Assorted gluten free baby cakes
 Chocolate and nutella whoopie pies
Tiered cake with a banana base and chocolate top layer
Toasted coconut and raspberry cake
Digger themed cake for a two-year-old boy 


  1. They all look fantastic. You have been busy. Did you make many of the cakes for Fashion Week?

  2. Wow the chocolate and nutella whoopie pies sound delicious!
    I have a question. What the most delicious thing you've ever made? What's your fave cake?

  3. Hi Natalia - yes I did make lots of cakes for FW! I did in store cakes for Ruby's capsule collection and I made whoopie pies for the Twenty Seven Names party.

    Anon - hmmm the most delicious thing I've ever might have to be my nutella banana cake, mainly because that's my favourite combination ever, I can't get enough of it!

  4. ooo yes that does sound delicious. Thanks Jordan.

  5. have you posted your toasted coconut & raspberry cake recipe? it sounds delish!