Wednesday, April 28, 2010

'The Nutty Cake' - White Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake

On my frequent trips to Harvest wholefoods, I always fill up a brown paper bag with organic roasted hazelnuts. They're part of my daily snack routine. I love how rich and sweet they are and I absolutely love how well they go with chocolate. So, I've decided to make a white chocolate and hazelnut cake. It's nutty and textured and generously jeweled with white chocolate buttons. Yum.


organic eggs
organic vanilla extract
organic ground hazelnuts
baking powder
white chocolate buttons

I also made this recipe in cupcake form.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

'Autumn Cake' - Pear and Fresh Ginger Cake

Pear and ginger make a harmonious match and when unified in a cake, the result is rather lovely. This is a soft and fruity cake laced with juicy pears, nutmeg and freshly grated ginger, with a caramelised pear and honey almond topping. It's a culmination of three different recipes from my collection, to make what I believe to be the perfect any time of day cake. Have a slice for morning tea or for dessert served warm with vanilla ice cream.


vanilla extract
organic eggs
ground almonds
fresh grated ginger
organic green pears

sliced almonds

Monday, April 12, 2010

New Cake Coming Soon

Apologies for my failure to provide a brand new 'cake of the week' this week people. I was supplying the flourless dark chocolate cake and the orange and almond cake (both gluten free) as these seems to be my biggest hits, so I've decided to have these two on offer every week alongside the specialty 'cake of the week.' My new recipe will be up on Wednesday; a delicious pear and fresh ginger creation that I hope will make up for the lack of posting.

Thanks Cakies,
x Jordan
Images / Bakerella / La Tartine gourmande

Thursday, April 1, 2010


This year I will be giving mini cakes as an alternative to chocolate eggs. Happy Easter everyone! 
With love from The Caker x