Friday, November 12, 2010

Three-Tiered Wedding Cake

I made my first ever wedding cake this morning. It's the same recipe as my Marie Antoinette cake from a while back - three layers of lemon and raspberry cake coated with rose water icing and decorated with fresh berries, gold balls and pink sugar. I don't think I would've even attempted a traditional wedding cake with that plasticky thick white icing, so luckily this one is for a small, informal wedding at an art gallery. 
Congratulations Sarah! x


  1. That is next level cake-ing Jordy! Well done!

  2. Best wedding cake I've ever eaten!! You are a legend....thanks again! Anna xxxx

  3. Jordan - Ben and I were so happy with the cake. We have had so many comments on what a beautiful cake it was...have passed on your name and site. Thankyou x Sarah x