Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Caker has returned

So, I'm back from my holiday in France. There's little more to say than that it was one of the best vacations of my life and I'm a bit miserable to be back in the cold dreariness of Auckland. However, after a 3 week hiatus from an oven, I am very much looking forward to baking again! I haven't yet decided on my cake of the week, but I will take special requests and my flourless dark chocolate cake is always on offer if anyone would like to place an order. Below are some photos of desserts and cakes I ate and admired on my gastronomic adventure.

Laduree cakes
A selection of Laduree treats
A dessert well enjoyed
Tempting biscuits in a window
Black currants to make tarts
The infamous lemon meringue tart
Hard pastry filled with chocolate
Strawberry souffle
Peach mille feuille with mandarin sorbet
Sauteed apricots with verbena ice cream
The tart, my sister and me

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