Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Terrible Chocolate Cake - Gluten Free, Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake

With exams coming up and a big European trip to organise, I have decided to make the cake of the week a fail proof favourite: the terrible chocolate cake (aptly named because it's pretty lethal, one bite and you're doomed to want the rest of it). This is my most popular cake and I always recommend it for special occasions such as birthdays or thank yous or simply needing to impress someone. It's rich and delicate and literally melts in your mouth. It also suits those who like to be gluten free, containing only a small amount of ground almonds.


organic dark chocolate (70%)
organic eggs
ground almonds

The terrible part - a whole lot of chocolate and butter ready to be melted together over a bain marie

This cake also comes in cupcake size for those of you who are more modest chocolate lovers

Recipe adapted from 101 Cookbooks

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