Friday, May 7, 2010

The Caker at Plaything Markets

Today I had a little baking stand at the Plaything markets on France St. I sold various cupcakes and Belgian Biscuits and it was so much fun! Make sure you all come along next month, even if it's just to sample.


  1. looks amazing! wish I was there to sample! x

  2. I wish I had sampled more.

    What I did sample was well above the acceptable standard.


  3. Looks like a nice spread! I keep seeing Belgian biscuits in your blog; I have to find a good recipe and try them out!

    I'm planning on joining Singapore's farmers' market in a couple months. Any suggestions for buttercreams that don't melt in the heat?

  4. We tried a lot of The Cakers' wares and loved them so much we had to buy a little take home box of cupcakes... mmm the dark chocolate gluten free pieces of goodness!!
    And now we're schmoozing clients of ours with giant cakes tomorrow. Yusssss
    We heart The Caker xx