Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Elegant Cake - Flourless Orange and Almond Cake (Gluten and Dairy Free)

This cake is perfect for a sophisticated dinner party or dignified morning tea. In fact, it's perfect for any time of day because it's light and not too sweet. It contains whole oranges, skin and all (usually I would use clementines but they're impossible to find at this time of year), that have been boiled for two hours and a generous helping of organic ground almonds to replace any flour. There's no butter in it either making this simple recipe a particularly healthy one. The result is an incredibly moist, delicate and refined cake. I like to drizzle with an orange syrup for a final, elegant touch.


organic eggs
organic ground almonds
baking powder


  1. this is a classic recipe! I have made something similar before. I love that it doesn't make me feel ill an hour later like most cakes do. What's that you have 'iced' it with ... not just orange syrup is it?

  2. I have a treasured friend who I want to share a cake with but she can't eat gluten, dairy or... almonds! Aw, damn. This sounds so delicious and looks beautiful!

  3. Hey Jordan, i was just wondering what temperature you bake this at? I can never seem to get flour-less cakes to work :(

  4. 190 degrees Celsius usually does the trick for me! But remember that every oven is different so it may need to be a little higher or lower. You want it to be moist so never over cook it, but a skewer should come out clean when it's ready and the sides and top of the cake should be golden.

  5. Awesome thank you for the tips! Shall try again and let you know how it went ! I'm Charlotte from the Recycle Boutique by the way, randomly said hi to you the other day hehe. <3