Monday, February 22, 2010

'Plush Plum Cake' - Wild Plum, Walnut and White Chocolate Cake.

Mmmmm I love plums when they're crimson red, tart and juicy. At the moment they're so abundant so I decided to make a plum puree and try to integrate it into a cake somehow. Well I think it worked out. This plum, walnut and white chocolate cake is pretty much my own invention. I made the spicy, nutty batter then swirled the velvety plums through it barely mixing it in. I haven't cut the cake yet as I'm saving it for a dinner party tonight but I'm hoping that each slice has visible red ripples of sweet yet sour plum through it. Topped with a layer of the puree and a peppering of white chocolate buttons, I think this cake is a bit of a charmer. 


organic flour
organic eggs
all spice
organic walnuts
pureed dark plums
white chocolate buttons

I also made this recipe in cup cake form for The Tea Room Cafe.
If you'd like to place an order for a Plush Plum Cake, please email


  1. they look so yummy...
    how much are the plush plum cupcakes?

    btw, I've just started a new blogsite for my cards and other little things, Jordan do you mind if I add this site as one of my must-visit-links? I think it'll be good to publicise the wonderful businesses (like yours!) we have in NZ! :-)

  2. All cakes are $35 + gst.
    Of course I don't mind if you have a link to my site. I would be flattered! Thanks Nancy xx