Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Perilous Cake - Flourless Chocolate Cake

Since I was away for Valentine's Day, I thought I'd better make up for it by baking something this week that is all about chocolate. This cake is dangerous. It contains a lot of chocolate so I used the very best quality Valrhona to ensure the very best taste. The full-bodied batter produced a rather flat yet delicate and light cake. It stays soft in the middle and when warmed becomes almost molten. Being so rich, you only need a small slice so beware! 


Valrhona dark chocolate
organic eggs
ground almonds


  1. I make a version of this ( and it is SUBLIME. It's even better a couple of days after making it.

  2. I have honestly never tasted anything like this cake.....its angel food

  3. this cake and ice cream almost gave me a panic attack. in paris I went to a kitchen supply shop and almost convinced myself to buy a huge bag of valrhona chocolate.
    what's your favorite cake of all time?

  4. me dió apetito!!! que ricos se ven, Felicitaciones!