Monday, February 8, 2010

'Coco Cake' - Gluten Free Coconut and Banana Cakes

I adapted this slightly unusual but seriously delicious recipe from 'La Tartine Gourmand'. These cakes are divine. The banana makes them moist and sweet while the coconut and buckwheat flour lend an exotic little something extra. I like to garnish with extra coconut, some chocolate shavings and a drizzling of caramel. These wee gluten free gems can be sourced at The Tea Room Cafe and Coco's Cantina this week. 

organic eggs
Muscovado sugar
grated coconut
organic ground almonds
organic buckwheat flour
coconut milk
baking powder
baking soda
Maldon salt



  1. Jacqui, please email me at if you want to order. Just tell me what you're after and I'll let you know all the details.

  2. Is it possible to order previously made cakes? the chocolate, hazelnut and banana cake sounds delicious!

  3. I was checking your site yesterday for a new cake as I wanted to buy one for work morning tea, will you be updating this on Monday mornings as you said?

  4. Hi anonymous,
    I'm terribly sorry I wasn't able to update my site on Monday - family issues have drawn me away for the week and I won't be back until this afternoon. A new cake should be up by Wednesday or Thursday - I'm thinking something chocolatey. Email me if you're interested in ordering. I will be very happy to supply a cake for your work morning tea.
    x Jordan

  5. Looks absolutely yummy Jordon :-) I don't think I had any coconut-y cakes for quite some time!